Bevin Foley

Bevin Foley

Fiddle, Voice

Bevin is a native of Colorado. Her musical background in both classical violin and fiddle adds remarkable depth to TSR’s sound.
Her sultry singing, precise fiddle playing, and warm personality is captivating for anyone watching. Bevin enjoys crocheting, backpacking trips in the mountains, squirreling food, and baking delicious breads.
Casey Houlihan

Casey Houlihan

Bass, Voice

Casey Houlihan was born and raised on the shores Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Casey’s initial interest in music was accommodated by the trombone and grew into singing and playing the guitar while studying outdoor education at the University of Minnesota. Casey is the backbone of Trout Steak Revival, providing lively bass lines and soaring vocal dimension. Casey’s other passions include growing things, cooking delicious meals for the masses, and taking naps in the band van.

Will Koster

Will Koster

Dobro, Guitar, Voice

Will Koster emigrated to Colorado after spending his youth and young manhood near the forests and streams of Michigan.

Will spends most of his days under the sun as a carpenter but his passion belongs to music. He is a sound engineer and the proprietor of Sole Sound Recording. Will brings creativity and freedom to Trout Steak’s persona. Will dreams of being in a synthesizer-based dance band and his favorite food is pie.

Travis McNamara

Travis McNamara

Banjo, Voice

Travis is the youngest member of Trout Steak. Born in upstate New York, the son of a music teacher, he was surrounded by music and the green hills of the Fingerlakes.

He spent his youth in Michigan and his college years in the Pacific Northwest. Curious to his surroundings and musical ability, Travis has collected and mastered a variety of instruments. His keen ear and musical talent opened the door to playing the banjo with Trout Steak. Travis brings musical maturity to the band with a spontaneous energy that is contagious to Trout Steak Revival. Travis loves to preach the wisdom he has gained from watching numerous TED talks and is often surrounded by intrigued audiences.


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